Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Power Puff'ing Girls

Sorry for the lack of updates. Out of internet connection for almost a month now, and now finally I'm back for more updates. As you might know, I update more frequently in Facebook Cupcake Indulgence page :) Join as fan for updates right in your Facebook wall!

If you are looking for some Power Puffing cupcakes, here is it! :) Chocolate cupcakes with yummy chocolate chips topped with Power Puff Girls sugar paste decorations.

Suitable for kids or young-hearted-adults, this set of cupcakes are perfect for everyone!

The all famous Bubbles, Blossoms and Buttercup all placed on top of yummy chocolate cupcakes.


Bring the child in you! :)


Jill said...

so cute how did you do these? we are having a powerpuff girls bday party soon!

Anonymous said...

Im jelous i want these lol