Monday, March 23, 2009

Banana Cupcake

Crave for some light fruity cupcakes, as you sipped on your coffee? How about this??? :D

Banana cupcakes! :p

Made from 100% pure ripe "berangan" bananas.

Naturally sweet as I used light brown sugars ;)

Aromatic and definitely proven to make you crave for more.

Same as before, e-mail me for more information. :)


Wong said...

very yummie... i like this banana cupcake. moist enuf, sweetness just perfecto.

Wei Hwa said...

This banana cupcake is brilliant and I love this cake so much. I like the fresh taste of the banana. It's different from what we can buy from outside...happy that you can make such delicious cake!! I can eat whenever i want..keekee..bake for me!