Thursday, March 19, 2009

For you, my love

A friend of mine ordered cupcakes for her boyfriend, as he is celebrating his birthday. The girlfriend wanted a bear, and that's all. She only has one requirement and therefore I got lots of space to be creative in my own way. Remember that this is my first time experiencing with gum paste and modeling. :) I am proud with the outcome.

Mr. Bear holding tight to the Girlfriend's love and ready to present it to Boyfriend. :) How sweet...

Mr. Bear surrounded with clear messages of "I love you" and love-shaped sprinkles, on chocolate chips cupcakes.

All tucked nice and tight, ready to be delivered to the Girlfriend. :) She anxious and excited on the outcome of her cupcakes.

All packed and decorated with ribbons. Off I go to Jusco, Seremban 2 and meet the Girlfriend (despite the heavy downpour). She was happy to see cupcakes and she assured that her boyfriend would definitely love it too!

Testimonial from Girlfriend on Facebook:

Thank you, my dear friend! Glad that you and your boyfriend loved it so much! :)


Wei Hwa said...

hi dear,

I'm the first 1 who leave comment??

I'm happy that u have one new hobby. hehe..
I'm happy to make cupcake with you too and glad to see the result.

keep it up!

Miu said...

1 thing i notice besides the fabulous cute cupcakes you're making..

who's taking the pictures? it's different from your first batch pic. This time its so clear and nice! your bf tangkap one is it? keep it up ok! coz it makes your cupcakes look sooo GOOD AND YUMMY!

babyloveshopping said...

how much this set?and muffin..