Tuesday, July 14, 2009

"I warned ya in the cupcakes"

A thoughtful girlfriend gave soft warning to boyfriend... in his birthday cupcakes!!! :) Notice the "No Smoking" cupcake above? Haha... that's the 'soft warning' I was talking about. Next to "No Smoking" sign were the rice bucket. Why rice bucket? Apparently, the boyfriend loves to eat rice and he can't live a day without rice.

All things a guy would love...

A specially requested item: Seiko Wrist Watch. It's a watch, not a clock, so it's not inauspicious! :)


Miu said...

cute... all the things he like is on the cupcakes yah? the seiko watch looks authentic!!1 lol very cute

Asian Traveler said...

I just love your cupcakes. You make me drool every time I visit here. :)

Meanwhile, I've just started blogging about Kaohsiung, Taiwan. :)