Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Of love, piggy and smilies :)

A high-school senior of mine ordered cuppy cakes with smiley faces! :) Instead of 2 smiley faces, I gave her one smiling and one winking. Smileys were drawn using edible decorating gel in Black, from Wilton.

There are few items which are a MUST for her cuppy cakes order: Smileys, a sweet message bearing the magical words "Happy Birthday My Love" and most importantly a piggy.

She even told me that "If 6 pieces of cupcakes can't fit 'Happy Birthday My Love', you change to 12 pieces cupcake set". This shows that how important the message is to her! :) Sweet...

Oops I forgot to gently wipe off the icing sugar on the fondant before I snap. ;)

Hope you (she wanna remain anonymous) loved them as much as I do!

1 comment:

dana said...

very creative with d smiley & winkey. Happy that yr indulgence is soaring successfully.